Academic Year 2023/2024 - 4° Year
Teaching Staff: Pier Paolo ROSSI
Credit Value: 6
Scientific field: ICAR/09 - Structural engineering
Taught classes: 48 hours
Term / Semester:

Expected Learning Outcomes

Development of knowledges for the design of steel structures and reinforced concrete structures.

Development of knowledges for the selection of the structural type for different constructions.

Course Structure

Theoretical lessons and examples

Required Prerequisites

Basics of structural mechanics

Attendance of Lessons

Attendance to the lessons will be monitored daily and is strongly recommended as it is consistent with the proposed training model, which aims to encourage gradual learning, active participation of the student in the classroom and dialogue between teachers and students.

Attendance is also recommended as the teacher is expected to carry out numerical exercises in the classroom.

Detailed Course Content

  • Properties and behaviour of concrete and steel materials.
  • Design of structural members of r.c. structures: slabs, beams, columns.
  • Design of structural members of steel structures.
  • Design of connections in steel sctructures.
  • Analysis of different structural types.

Textbook Information

  • A. Ghersi. Il cemento armato: le basi della progettazione strutturale esposte in maniera semplice ma rigorosa. Flaccovio Dario Editore, Palermo 2010, pp. 533, ISBN 978-88-579-0037-7
  • A. Ghersi, E. M. Marino, P.P. Rossi, F. Barbagallo. Verifica e progetto di aste in acciaio. Dario Flaccovio, 2014 ISBN 978-88-579-0267-8
  • D.L. Schodek. Strutture. Patron Editore, 2005 ISBN: 8855527835
  • James G. MacGregor, James K. Wright Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design. Prentice Hall
  • Jack C. McCormac, Csernak S.F. Structural Steel Design (5th Edition) 5th Edition. ISBN-13: 978-0136079484 ISBN-10: 0136079482

Course Planning

 SubjectsText References
1Tests on materials. Qualification, acceptance and complementary tests on concrete and steel
2Design of simple structures in reinforced concrete or steel
3Analysis of different structural typpologies

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

The gradual learning of the topics covered in the course 
will be assessed by the teacher following the corrections of the project work and following the student's participation in class discussions.
The final assessment will be carried out on the basis of the project work and by means of an oral exam on the topics of the course.

Note: the verification of learning can also be carried out in remote, should the conditions require it

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises

The questions of the oral exam will focus on the topics covered during the course