NOCERA Francesco

Professore associato di FISICA TECNICA AMBIENTALE [ING-IND/11]

Ufficio: Catania, Bulding 13 , Floor 1 , Room 27,

Sede ricevimento: Siracusa, Caserma Abela, Floor 2, Room 2

Ricevimento: Mercoledì dalle 10:00 alle 12:00 Special Didactic Structure of Architecture, Floor 2, Room 2, Siracusa

Telefono: +39.095.7382366

Email: |

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Civil Engineering, 1997 University of Catania (UdC) Italy. Ph.D. in  Applied Physics, 2002, University of Palermo Italy. Since 2018, he is an Associate Professor of Building Physics and Building Energy Systems at UdC. Key Analysis Expert for European Poly-technical University (Bulgaria). Honorary Member of National Association for the Thermal and Acoustic Insulation (ANIT). Member of " Evaluation and Mitigation of Urban and Territorial Risks” Ph.D. Course (UdC). Rector's Delegate for the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). Best Research Paper Award in KES-SEB (2014) conference. Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal Sustainability and SCI. Responsible for Erasmus + Agreement with the University of Valladolid (Spain).Member of IEA Task 59: Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero EnergyMember of interdepartmental Research Centers: Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of HArm Reduction (CoEHAR)L'Ora del Mare (OdM), Community Engagement (CUrE). Expert Reviewer for the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Special Report on Climate Change and Land (SRCCL). UNESCO short term expert of Natural Sciences Roster. Expert reviewer H2020-MSCA-IF-2019. Member of Horizon 2020 Expert Group on Economic and Societal Impact of Research and Innovation. European Commission Member of Expert Group on Ambient Air Quality, Energy Performance of Building Directive and Energy Efficiency Directive. Responsible for the General Agreement with CEU Cardenal Herrera University (Spain) and the Faculty of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering of Chongqing University (Cina) Responsible for International Students Training Internship with Applied Science and Arts of Southern Switzerland University (SUPSI) on Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BiPV) Speaker in international conferences (25).  Co-author of 101 scientific papers on Scopus Database: International journals (51), conference proceedings (50) and chapter of books (2), about: confined environments, recording and processing of environmental data, buildings energy analysis, environmental thermo-fluid dynamics, natural and artificial lighting, environmental and building acoustics, problems in environmental comfort and conservation of cultural assets, active and passive strategies for environmental monitoring and air-conditioning systems, indoor and outdoor comfort (UHI,UHII etc), solar energy, heat transfer, energy saving, renewable energy.


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The main interest topics are:

  • basic thermodynamics 
  • thermo-fluid dynamics
  • heat transmission
  • lighting
  • acoustics
  • rational use of energy,
  • use of renewable energy sources
  • energy service management in buildings and urban landscapes.

I am particularly interested in experimental studies of: 

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Comfort (UHI, UHII etc)
  • Zero Energy Buildings 
  • Passive House
  • Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero Energy
  • Buildings Energy Analysis
  • Environmental Thermo-fluid dynamics
  • Natural and Artificial lighting
  • Environmental and Building acoustics
  • Air Pollution

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